Happy Rose Day

Happy Rose Day ,new shayari 2020-Juban silenced eyes will

Happy Rose Day, new Shayari 2020-Juban silenced eyes will

Happy Rose Day ,new shayari 2019

Happy Rose Day ,new shayari 2019
Happy Rose Day, new  Shayari 2019

Some hearts touch the heart of some realization
Some hearts fall into the heart
Flowers grow in lifeless Gulshan
When you find friends like you in lifeWe know Mahekana by becoming a flower

The smile we know to forget
Why are people happy with us
We know how to maintain relationships

Who do not meet them every day every day
But miss every day

There is no limit to my departure
I do not remember anything except your face

Laughs do not understand the laughter of reality and life
Rose Day Happy

How broken are we seeing in the heart
Juban silenced eyes will have moisture
That’s just my daddy-a-life
Fill all the wounds will be filled up
How will you lose that place

Happy Rose Day , new shayari 2019

Happy Rose Day ,new shayari 2019
Happy Rose Day ,new  shayari 2019

I’m rose
I have no right to you except you
Have gone away for a few moments
But for every moment it is close
How to forget you for a moment

When is love for a lifetime
But I have told you so much
I always love you in the locked arms
Thinking something

Say something, your name comes
How long are you
I love him every day

Flowers blossom in life

Keep your hand on your eyes
On the step, you find happiness
The heart gives you the same time and again

If you talk about excuses, you are tempted by every moment.
Do not breathe as often as we miss you