sad statusdar

sad status, nice status sad shayari -Today again.

sad status, nice status sad shayari -Today again.

Udaas Rahta Hai Mohalle Me Barishon Ka Paani
Kagaj Ki Kashti Banane Wale Bachchey Ishq Kar Baithey
Tune Dikhi Hi Nahi Ishq Main Qalandar Ki Dhamal
Pao Patthar Par Bhi Padte Hai To Dhool Udti Hai
Wo Aye The Meri Qabar Par Apne Humsafar Ke Saath
Koun Kehta Hai Ke Marne Ke Baad Koi Yaad Nahi Karta

sad status, nice status sad shayari -Today again


Ye Chubhan -Akelepan Ki, Ye Lagan ..Sad Sab Se
Mai Khud Se Lad Raha Hun, Tujhey Kiya Bataoun Kab Se
Tera Chup. Rehna Mere. Kya Zahen ..Main Beth Gaya..
Itni Awaazen Tujhe Di Ke Gala Baith Gaya
Itna Mitha Tha Wo Gusse Bhara Lafz Mat Puchu
Usne Jis Jis Ko Bhi Jane Ko Kaha Wo Baith Gaya
Sad Hone Ki Jo Wajah Poochhi Main Girgit Se
Bola Shart Haar Gaya Hun Tere Mahboob Se Rang Badalne Men

♥sad status, nice status sad Shayari -Today again.


sad status, nice status sad shayari -Today again. Udaas Rahta
sad status, nice status sad Shayari -Today again. Udaas Rahta


sad love Shayari, heart touching quotes, new.

1 Awaiting fee.
Dil to Khayal-A. Dost Bhilai.
Sen.Dogh is K. Do not die
Now it is. Today is today again.
Baro’s tales cross over again
Jarun Gaya. Yum Faslow’s Drum
Beats may Mehve Ho Ki Suba.

Wo Time Bi.Pul-Sirat-Tha Jo Guzra-Tere-Bagheri
Ab Roshnion-Aur-Tajlion Ki Barsat-Krain-Gey
J. vasso ke boring thi-now she stops
Ahmad’s face mai now.
Ravazon K. Gangolon
Sulla’s. Everything is happy.

sad.Shayari,05new vest 2019.

Nothing like before for Rabte relationship
Heart is sad and very sad
Rabtey Rastey Wastey Kuchh Nahin Pahle Jaisa
Dil Sad Aur Aur Bahot Sad Hai
He even tried to sad
I also paid the right to be sad
Udas Karne Ki Usne Bhi Inteha Kar Di
Sad Hone Ka Mainey Bhi Haq Ada Kiya
.Apna Ladna Bhi Mohabbat Hai Tujhe Elm Nahi
Chili Tum Rahe Aur Mera Gala Baith Gaya
I love my boy too
You cried and my throat ached
Uski Marji Wo Jise Chahe Pass Bolale Apne
2 Kadam Jo Bhi Uske Saath Chala Baith Gaya


sad status, nice status sad shayari -Today again. Udaas Rahta
sad status, nice status sad shayari -Today again. Udaas Rahta

 I am with you and not with you
I’m so sad for many days
Apne Saath Hun Na Tere Paas Hun
Main Kai Dion Se Yoo He Sad Hun
Sad Shayari, Sad Shayari
Rakhte Nahin Khyaal Bhi Apna Tere Liye ..
Hum Bey Khyaal Log Hain Kuch To Khyaal To Kar.
Ab Kisi Aankh Ka Jaadun Nahin Chalta Mukhpar
Wo Nazar Bhool Gai Hai Mujhey Paththar Karke
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Shayari about love in hindi


funny jokes- funny jokes in english, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

funny jokes- funny jokes in English, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

♥funny jokes-  in English, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

💘In service,
      Mr. Badal Bhagwan Ji Subject: – Application for cold reduction,
Regards request that cold is getting more
Because of which dear beloved girls are wearing a scarf on the face to avoid cold
The boys are not able to see their face.
Because of which Ladko is being cut in restlessness due to being covered in face, it is also difficult to identify who is his own,
There is also a fear of eating slippers when pointing at
So you are requested to cut a little in the cold,

Bachelor boy

Dear Monsoon,
Come back to wherever you are
No one will tell you anything
🌑 Rush, Mung, ibabara, Amungfli, 🎋 Jwar, very much
It’s bad / it’s all upset without you.
Cooked 👨👦Akaka and 👷🏽rankot
Tau, you are missing a lot ……


Your Drought * (Madhya Pradesh)
Life teaches us a new lesson, but not to explain to us but to change our thinking.

A boy in college loves a girl ….
She writes her love letter ….

jokes in english, Mr. Badal -Bhagwan Ji

“If you love me, then tomorrow you will wear a red dress.”
He keeps that love letter in a book and gives it to him.

On the second day she comes wearing a * yellow * color dress and returns her book back ….
Seeing this, the mind of that boy becomes sour …

She starts to feel depressed…
In time, that girl gets married ….
After a few years ……

The girl’s “back” book, which was refunded, falls below her hand while cleaning the garbage at home …
And ..

From that one Chitra falls out …
That note was written in …
“I like you too
Meet me with my family …
If the house is not accepted, then I will marry you only …. And yes … * I am a poor girl … *
I do not have a * red * color dress …
SORRY … !!! 🙏

After reading this, the boy took his head.
* Improved *: At least in the year * “Once” * Open the coursebook and watch it …..
Otherwise ..

* “What does he do nowadays and where is … ??” * It

seems to be like saying.

* Note * – You do not sit now to filter all your old books ………….

Your time has elapsed …
Now take care of children’s education

The girl was watching the PK movie with the house at home.
Sudden quote: Anything that shows the film, the car shakes so little ….


sad shayari

sad love shayari,heart touching quotes,new-Do not be sad

sad love shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Do not be sad

friend shayari in Hindi

friend shayari in Hindi
friend shayari in Hindi

जानने की कोशिश की थी तुमको,तुमने कभी मुझ पर ध्यान ना दिया,गैरों पर तुम्हे गहरा विश्वास था,जिसने अपना समझा उस पर विश्वास ना किया ।

I tried to know you, you never paid attention to me, you had deep faith in the non-believers, who did not believe in what they thought to be yours.

ज़िंदगी रहे ना रहे, दोस्ती रहेगी, पास रहे ना रहे, यादें रहेगी,अपनी ज़िदगी में हमेशा हँसते रहना, क्योंकि आपकी हसी मे 1 मुस्कान मेरी भी रहेगी।

May there be life, friendship will remain, will not remain, memories will remain, always laugh in your life, because I will have 1 smile in your smile.sad love shayari

Thought we would torment them,They will burn them by taking someone else’s name,Then I thought I would have pain in torturing them,Then how can we persecute them.

शायद फिर हमें वो तकदीर मिल जाये,जीवन के वो हसीं पल फिर मिल जाये,चल फिर से बैठें क्लास की लास्ट बैंच पे,शायद फिर से वो पुराने दोस्त मिल जाये।

Maybe then we get that fortune, get that happy moment of life again, let’s sit again on the last bench of class, maybe get that old friend again.

If it is day, it will be night also
Do not be sad, he will also talk to you some time.
That love is so cute,
If there is life, we will also meet.

sad love shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Do not be sad

sad love shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Do not be sad
sad love Shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Do was not sad

हकीकत मोहब्बत की जुदाई होती है कभी कभी प्यार में बेवफाई होती है,हमारे तरफ हात बढ़ाके कर तो देखो पता चलेगा के दोस्ती में कितनी सच्चाई होती है।

There is a separation of real love, sometimes there is infidelity in love, by increasing the hatred towards us, you will see how much truth is there in friendship. sad love Shayari

इश्क है वही जो हो एक तरफा,इजहार-ए-इश्क तो ख्वाहिश बन जाती है,है अगर इश्क तो आँखों में दिखाओ,जुबां खोलने से ये नुमाइश बन जाती है।

Ishq is one-sided, Azhar-e-Ishq becomes desire, if love is shown in the eyes, opening the tongue makes it a show.

तेरे ही ख्याल पर खत्म हो रहा ये साल,तेरी ही ख्वाहिश से फिर शुरू होगा नया साल।

This year is coming to an end at your thought, the new year will start again with your wish.sad Love Shayari

प्यार हर किसी के हिस्से लिख दिया,तो टूटे दिल के किस्से कौन लिखेगा,और और जब ये किस्से कोई नही लिखेगा,तो कोई शायर क्या खाक बनेगा।

If love has written the parts of everyone, then who will write the stories of a broken heart, and when no one writes these stories, what will become a poet-friend Shayari in Hindi

Don’t know why this love is incomplete
Now what happens if we kiss you
At least all his wishes were fulfilled.

 sad love shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Do not be sad

sad love shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Do not be sad
sad love Shayari, heart touching quotes,new-Do not be sad
friend Shayari in Hindi

The thing is beautiful-that which touches the touch,
otherwise, there are thousands of things.

Therefore, some-like lions-when they heard-then
they fixed their ears-from the ears to the heart.

I had a night-time where talk was stopped
I have stopped till now
– Frozen realizationsad love Shayari

Ishak-nazuk-mujaz is extremely
Can not bear the burden of the mind

How to hide from your face-which is obvious
How do you look at your wishes

These jaws are also seen-the views of the date
Moments had been punished for centuries

Never mindfriend shayari in Hindi
Somewhere far away

You see yourself in the mirror
And they also see no one can see

sad love Shayari

Leaf Boota Buta Hall is ours
Do not let go of it, do not let the garden go all the way

What is the matter to the conscious people?
Ishq ki-re-understand what is lifesad love Shayari

What is their duty-know that Ahl-e-Siyasat
My Pagham Mohabbat is as far as I get

दोस्ती में किसी का इम्तिहान न लेना, friend Shayari in Hindi

दोस्ती में किसी का इम्तिहान न लेना,निभा न सको वो किसी को वादा न देना,जिसे तुम बिन जीने की आदत न हो,उसे जिन्दगी जीने की दुआ न देना।

Do not test anyone in friendship, do not fulfill your promise, do not give promise to someone who is not used to living without you, do not give him the blessing to live life.

ना जाने कौनसी दौलत हैं कुछ दोस्तों के लफ़्जों में,बात करते है तो दिल ही खरीद लेते हैं।friend Shayari in Hindi

Do not know what riches are in the words of some friends, if they talk, only the heart buys them.

दिल में जितने सवाल है मेरे,उनका दिलकश जवाब हो तुम।

All the questions that I have in my heart, you have a beautiful answer to them.

सोचा तुम्हारे पास आए और मना लाये तुम्हे,पर तुम्हे इतना खुश देख के इरादा बदल दिया।sad Love Shayari

The thought came to you and convinced you, but changed your mind to see you so happy.

मैं यूँ मिलूँ तुझसे की तेरा लिबास बन जाऊँ तुझे बना कर समंदर खुद प्यास बन जाऊँ,आज पहलू में टूट कर बिखर जाऊँ कल को शायद मुमकिन नही हो मैं तुझको पाऊँ।friend Shayari in Hindi

May I meet you to become your veneer and make you become thirsty in the ocean itself, today I am broken in aspect and tomorrow I might not be possible.

चाहे कितने नए साल आए अपनी मोहब्बत कभी कम ना हो

चाहे कितने नए साल आए अपनी मोहब्बत कभी कम ना हो पाए रहे,जन्मो-जन्मो

का खूबसूरत साथ हमारा और हर साल इसमें चार चांद लग जाए।

No matter how many new years your love has never been able to

diminish our beautiful association of births and births, and every year it takes four moons.sad Love Shayari

यूँ तो महफिलें कभी उदास नही होती दोस्ती की मंज़िल पास नही होती पर होता

है,ज़िंदगी में कभी-कभी ऐसा भी मिल जाते हैं वो जिन की आस नही होती।

While the courts never get depressed, the destination of friendship

is not near, but it is sometimes found in life that those who do not have hope.

पलकें झुका कर सलाम करते हैं,हम तह दिल से आपके लिए दुआ करते हैं,कुबूल हो

तो बस मुस्कुरा देना,हम ये प्यारा सा दिन आपके नाम करते हैं।

We salute by bowing the eyelids, we pray for you wholeheartedly,

just smile if you accept, we do this lovely day for you.

ये तो उम्र का तकाजा है जो अब सर्दी जुकाम रहता है,वर्ना बारिश के मौसम में हमें इश्क हुआ करता था ।friend Shayari in Hindi

This is a matter of age that is now a cold, otherwise, we used to love in the rainy season.

अर्ज़ियाँ मेरी मनमर्जियां तेरी,इश्क़ मेरा खुदगर्जियाँ तेरी,चल चलें किसी ऐसी जगह

जहाँ कोई और ना हो,इश्क़ की रात हो और मोहबत का सवेरा हो।

My love is your love, love is my love for you, let’s go to a place where there is no one else, it is a night of love and a morning of love.

एक लहर सी उठ रही है मन मेंfriend Shayari in Hindi

एक लहर सी उठ रही है मन में मेरे, क्या दिल यह मेरा बेकरार है,
क्या यह सिर्फ मेरे दिल की पुकार है या शायद इसी का नाम प्यार है I

A wave is rising in my mind, is my heart desperate for it,
Is this just a call to my heart, or is it perhaps love?

कुछ यूँ तुम मोहब्बत का आगाज़ कर दो,मेरी ज़िन्दगी में प्यार का एहसास भर दो,
छुप-छुप के देखा करो दूर से हमे,गुजरो करीब से और नजर-अंदाज़ कर दो।

Just like this, you start to love, fill the feeling of love in my life,
Hide and see us from afar, pass closely and ignore.

मुमकिन हो आपसे तो भुला दीजिये मुझे,पत्थर पे हूँ लकीर मिटा दीजिये मुझे,

It is possible that you forget me, I am on the stone, remove the line,

हर रोज़ मुझसे ताज़ा शिकायत है आपको,मैं क्या हूँ एक बार बता दीजिये मुझे।

Every day I have a fresh complaint from you, tell me what I am once.  friend Shayari in Hindi

बहुत वक़्त लगा हमें आप तक आने मेंं,बहुत फरियाद की है खुदा से आपको पाने की,sad Love Shayari

It took me a long time to reach you, I have a lot of request to get you from God,

कभी तुम यह दिल तोड़ कर मत जाना,हमने उम्र लगा दी आप जैसा सनम पाने मेंं।

Never break your heart, we put an age to get like you.

दिल को दिल से चुराया तुमने, दूर होते हुए भी अपना बनाया तुमने,
कभी भूल नही पाएँगे तुमको ए दोस्त, क्योंकि दोस्ती करना सिखाया तुमने।

You stole the heart from the heart, you made yourself far away,
You will never forget a friend because you have taught friendship.